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Road – Lee County is served by two four-lane highways, US 218 (the Avenue of the Saints) running from Saint Louis, Missouri to Saint Paul, Minnesota; and US Highway 61,which runs through the eastern part of the county.

Rail – Lee County is serviced by the main rail line of Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway, the largest freight rail transportation network in North America. Providing a vital link to the global supply chain.

River – The Mississippi River provides transportation for Lee County industries from Saint Paul, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Lee County also has access to three inter-modal port terminals

The two BNSF mainlines carry over 100 million gross tons of freight per mile each year. 

Roughly 20 million tons of cargo passes through Lock and Dam No. 19 by Keokuk each year. 



Driving Distances



Access to the Mississippi River, a historic presence of railroad hubs, and an ever-expanding 4-lane highway network are just some of the numerous components that make up Southeast Iowa's dynamic transportation system. 

Southeast Iowa is crossed by four US Highways - 34, 61, 136, and 218, along with four State Highways - 2, 16, 70, 78 and 92. 

The transportation system of Southeast Iowa is exceptionally diverse for its comparatively small, largely rural population. Several industrial facilities help explain locally concentrated areas of truck traffic on the maps below.


Lee County also offers a unique opportunity just 7 miles North of Keokuk, Hendricks River Logistics. 

Hendriks River Logistics offers: 

  • Multimodal transloading terminal
  • 16,000+ Feet of Private Industry Track
  • Fleeting for 80+ barges
  • Built to suit warehousing

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