Students Explore Careers in Healthcare, Auto, and Manufacturing

High school students learn career options and skills needed to be successful

Published Tuesday, November 19, 2019

One of Lee County EDG's goals is to help Lee County, and SE Iowa, students get hands on career exploration while still in high school. This month we have partnered with Southeastern Community College and The Link to help provide a variety of experiences for students to explore career paths they're interested in.

At the SCC Healthcare Career Expo, students attended 6 sessions exploring healthcare career fields. Tyler McGlasson, a junior at Central Lee High School, said he wanted to attend because he is interested in the medical field but isn't sure what part. "I wanted to learn about some options," said McGlasson. "I liked seeing all the different tools and how the simulators are so realistic."

Lee County EDG also partnered with The Link through SCC to provide an industry tour of Jim Baier Inc. A dozen Lee County students and an additional five educators learned there are five parts to an auto business; sales, service, parts, body, and detail as well as the skills needed for each department.

"Everyone in our technician department has had some post high school education and certification however because of the program you're able to get this without taking on student debt," commented General Manager Alan Hecht.

At all these events, the speakers talked to students about not only the education they need to have to be hired but the soft skills needed to be successful. "Teamwork is something that I didn't like doing in high school," said Hecht. "However, we work in multiple teams every day in order to get our jobs done."

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