Lee County EDG Hosts Annual Salute to Industry

Iowa Lt. Governor Gregg applauds efforts of economic development group

Published Friday, October 11, 2019

Lt. Governor Adam Gregg discussed a variety of topics at Lee County EDG's Annual Salute to Industry. Touching on topics important to rural Iowa, such as broadband connectivity and the next generation of work.

 Lt. Gov. Gregg also discussed the importance of manufacturing to Lee County and how it impacts the state. "Lee County consists of about 1% of the state population, however it makes up over 2% of our state's manufacturing," commented Gregg. "It's clear Lee County contributes well above your weight class."

 While there are still challenges, he said the state’s 2.5% unemployment rate and seven straight quarters of wage growth show the state is heading in the right direction. He pointed to seven straight quarters of wage growth. "There are more job postings on the IowaWorks website then there are people looking for jobs, as a result, the state has jobs looking for people."

 Gregg discussed the state's efforts in recruiting new talent to the area, including the state's Rural Iowa Connectivity Task Force whose goal is to have high-speed internet access to all Iowa residents. "In today's economy, in order to compete, you have to be connected." The SE Iowa Region also talked about the area's efforts in broadband connectivity at the Tri-State Summit.

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