Frank Millard Co. Invests $2.6 Million

Published Friday, March 23, 2018

Bringing Innovative Technology to SE Iowa
Frank Millard & Co. Inc. is bringing innovative technology to SE Iowa. Millard’s recently partnered with Mitton Valve Technologies for a new water cleaning technology. The technology can be used to clean dirty lakes, fracking –contaminated water and water polluted by livestock waste and can process up to 5,300 gallons of water a minute. The project includes plans to expand Millard’s existing facility as well as remolding former warehouse space into offices and conference space, a $2.6 million capital investment.

On Friday, March 23rd,  the Iowa Economic Development Authority awarded Frank Millard & Co. Inc. tax benefits from Iowa’s Targeted Jobs Withholding Tax Credit program for planning to bring 50 new jobs to the area due to this partnership and expansion. All these jobs are expected to exceed $30 an hour in wages. 

Millard’s hosted an open house highlighting the new technology. The technology itself generates collapsing micro-bubbles at the microscopic level. Michael Mitton, president of Mitton Valve Technologies demonstrated the Cavitation Reactor at the press conference Friday the 23rd. 

Mitton discovered and developed the technology by running water through high-speed valves. “It’s not meant to be a filter.” commented Mitton, “This is meant to take out the really, really nasty parts of the water, taking the front-end load off the waste water treatment plant.” To demonstrate, Mitton attached two 20-gallon tanks to the device and filled one tank with Greek yogurt and one with manure water. Then proceeded to run the contaminated water through the Cavitation Reactor.

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