Iowa Fertilizer Co. Receives Safety Award

Published Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lee County, IA, March 14, 2018- Iowa Fertilizer Company, Wever, was named the winner of the Exida Safety Award, recognizing the company's comitment to safety. As a valued partner of Iowa Fertilizer Company, we wanted to share with you that the company was named the winner of the Exida Safety Award.

Exida Vice President for Global Business Development Steve Gandy commented, "As a leader in safety and technology, Exida is pleased to recognize Iowa Fertilizer Company's ongoing commitment to safely provide fertilizer products for farmers throughout the Midwest."

This designation recognizes Iowa Fertilizer Company's longstanding commitment to the safety of its operations, employees, and the community at large.

"At  Iowa Fertilizer Company, safety is the foundation of our business."  stated IFC Managing Director Darrelll Allman, "We are incredibly pleased to work with our employees, business partners, and the community as a whole to meet this commitment throughout the construction of our facility and now, as we have been in production for the past year."

Exida, the organization providing the award, works with companies across the globe and specializes in safety technology, automation system safety, security, reliability, and more. 

As the first world-scale greenfield nitrogen fertilizer plant built in the United States in the last 25 years, the Iowa Fertilizer facility in Wever has embraced innovation and new technology to ensure the safety of their employees and the broader southeast Iowa community."

In addition to utilizing the latest and most reliable distributed control and early detection systems, the Iowa Fertilizer plant is designed and permitted to be the cleanest in the industry. Production officially began at the facility in April 2017, and today all production areas are producing at or above expectations.

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