Lee County EDG Breaks World Record

Published Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lee County EDG announces Lee County is in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most people planting flower bulbs simultaneously” with 1,463 people planting about 8,000 flower bulbs in 28 minutes. Lee County broke the standing 850 people record held by a group from the United Kingdom on October 18, 2016, however received final confirmation from Guinness this week.

The delay is a normal part of Guinness’ process. They handle and verify about 50,000 record attempts every year, and there is a lot of documentation involved.

The event has been part of Lee County EDG’s Grow Lee 2.0 venture, aimed at enhancing the economic climate of Lee County through partnerships with area manufacturers, businesses, education institutions and public and private enterprises. “This was the first time students from all of Lee County’s public and private schools attended an event with local employers and community leaders” said Lee County EDG Marketing Manager Dana Millard “The amount of collaboration was incredible, it really shows what we can do if we work together to better our communities.”

Lee County EDG Most of the flowers planted were tulips however about 1,000 of the flowers are prairie blazing stars donated by Lee County Pheasants Forever as part of a pollination effort. These particular bulbs are part of a pollinator program that enhances pollination for bees, butterflies and beetles. Pollinating insects are an essential component in global food production. About 1/3 of all food and beverage products need pollination.

Sponsors of the event included, Lee County Pheasants Forever, Scotts Miracle Gro, Climax Molybdenum, Roquette America, Siether & Cherry, Steffensmeier Welding & Manufacturing, Mississippi Valley Media and Northeast Missouri Power Coop.

We would also like to thank everyone who volunteered and sent teams to participate in the event! Including: Siemens Wind Energy, Scotts Miracle- Gro, Pinnacle Foods, Climax Molybdenum, Southeastern Community College, Iowa Works, Lee County United Way, Keokuk Community School District, Fort Madison Community School District, Central Lee Community School District, Holy Trinity Catholic Schools, Keokuk Christian Academy, Fort Madison Partners, Keokuk Affiliates, Donnellson Care Facility, Montrose Care Facility, the Lee County Conservation Board, and many more individuals.

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