8th Grade Students Explore Southeast Iowa Careers

Published Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Career Exploration Day takes over Community College
Over 360 students from Fort Madison, Keokuk, Central Lee, Holy Trinity and Keokuk Christian attended the 8th Grade Career Exploration Day hosted by Lee County EDG, the Burlington Partnership and Southeastern Community College today.

The students were divided into groups and were able to explore 6 different career paths in the Arts & Communications, Business & Marketing, Construction & Manufacturing, Family & Human Sciences, Agriscience and Health Science fields. “This is a great opportunity for students to see the different career paths available in the area as they look at what classes they want to take during high school.” said Lee County EDG Marketing Manager Dana Millard. “Many of our schools have career pathways students can explore in high school, today’s event allows them to see local careers these pathways might lead to.”

During each session, students learned about a career path, what kind of education you need to be successful, salary ranges and a typical day at each company. Students also heard how a real career differs from what they see on TV. Keokuk Area Hospital ER nurse Kristen Miller told students, “It’s not like you see on Grays Anatomy or Chicago Med, you’re dealing with real people and not everything will be fixed within the hour; though most of the equipment is the same.”

They also received life advise from presenters. “It’s okay if you change your career path,” commented DuPont Production and Logistics Manager Chase Hennigar, “Ask questions, it’s the only way you’ll know if it’s a job for you.” Many presenters emphasized the importance of a good attitude, desire to learn, positive communication, and the ability to be flexible as essential to their success.

The Career Exploration Day was part of a bigger regional 3-day event where students visit SCC to hear about these career paths. The 3-day event, Monday through Wednesday, included 36 presenters from different careers and 952 students from Lee and Des Moines counties.

A big thanks to our Lee County presenters: Alliant Energy, Connection Bank, DuPont, Fort Madison Hospital, Keokuk Area Hospital, ISU Extension, Roquette, and Schiller Greenhouse.

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