Local Economic Development Groups Working Together

Published Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Southeast Iowa Participates in Competitive Conference
Economic Development leaders from Southeast Iowa traveled to Chicago this week to participate in the Mid America Competitiveness Conference and Site Selector Forum hosted by the Mid America Economic Development Council (MAEDC). Representatives from Lee, Des Moines, and Henry Counties as well as Southeast Iowa Regional Planning Commission (SEIRPC) participated in the conference as part of the Reciprocal Marketing Agreement (RMA) signed by the counties this past May.

The MAEDC Conference provided strategies and ideas to improve Southeast Iowa’s competitive position to land corporate investments from new and existing businesses as well as best practices on attracting talent. The group heard first-hand perspectives as to what is considered when companies are looking to relocate or expand. “It’s important to understand what site selectors are looking for if you’re trying to attract new businesses to your community.” Said Janet Ady President of Ady Advantage, “This research (presented at the conference) shines a light on that.”

Iowa Economic Development Director Debi Durham, along with other state ED Directors, also provided insight on economic trends and executive thoughts on how the Midwest region can become more attractive for investment.

While in Chicago the Southeast Iowa group consulted with individual developers, highlighting our area’s inventory of available land for development, co-location opportunities, and targeted industries that would benefit from our region’s unique assets. Through the RMA the three counties have a new framework for how to respond to regional inquiries and it empowers each individual organization to bring their strengths to the table in promoting the region's significant sites.

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