First Employee Ready Class Graduates

Published Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Developing Skills in High School
After Lee County EDG’s first Manufacturing 101 class graduated, we were asked what’s next? Next was going to the high school level and reaching students before they graduate, with 12 Plus, allowing them to see career opportunities in the area and what it takes not only to get a quality job but keep it as well.

Topics included safety in the workplace, basic mechanical skills, basic computer skills, reading for information and basic math skills. The course also included employability or soft skills all employees need in order to be quality employees. Several days were spent on leadership training and problem solving. IowaWorks spent two weeks with the students talking about Bringing Their A Game which included their Attendance, Appearance, Attitude, Accountability, Acceptance, Ambition and Appreciation.

Students also practiced their interview skills on a Mock Interview day where over a dozen volunteers conducted mock interviews, going over the student’s resumes and asking them interview questions they might encounter applying for an entry level position. At graduation on November 8th, students presented to their team sponsors, Pinnacle, Climax, and Siemens, regarding problems they were to solve at their facilities. Team Pinnacle explained how they could reduce waste, team Climax presented their preventative maintenance schedule, and team Siemens showed how they would reduce dust particles during production.

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