National Manufacturing Day Comes to Lee County

Published Friday, October 7, 2016

Lee County EDG hosted National Manufacturing Day where high school students had the opportunity to tour five Lee County manufacturers to gain an understanding of the careers available in Lee County. It is a chance for students to see the diverse career options that are innovative, impactful and durable.
Lee County students spent the day touring Axalta Coatings, DuPont, Pinnacle Foods, Siemens and Climax. Jason Beck from Pinnacle Foods commented, “I thought it was a great opportunity for future employees (students) to see what the environment was about visually before they accepted a position with our company.”
As the old idiom goes, “Seeing is believing,’ and that is the guiding principle behind National Manufacturing Day. It was created in response to a dire need in America: The industries today face a major shortage of skilled workers. An estimated two million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next decade due to companies’ inability to find talent with the required skills.
Several leading industry organizations determined five years ago the best way to combat this malady and reverse negative misperceptions people may have about manufacturing jobs and careers is to literally show “up close and personal” the exciting kind of work that takes place in plants across the U.S.
“There are more factory jobs that only require a high school diploma (for entry level positions),” said Fort Madison High School senior Cade Marshall, “and most have opportunities for you to further your education within the company.” 90% of the students that participated would recommend other students take advantage of this opportunity to see what jobs are available and get an inside look at what is made in Lee County.

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