Donnellson Receives Governor’s Excellence Award

Published Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Water Quality Initiatives Get Recognized by State
Donnellson has a population of just over 900 residence and is up for the award because of their recent water quality initiatives.

Melanie Carlson project manager at French-Reneker, an engineering firm in Fairfield, says that the firm worked with the city to undertake and complete several water quality projects within the small Lee County community.

Carlson says the water quality projects included upgrading the wastewater treatment plant, stabilizing the banks at the community park, and using special water-absorbing soil in ditches near streets to help with standing water issues.

The Natural Resources Conservation Services also worked with the local farmers with cover crops in watersheds.

Carlson says that Donnellson is the first city in the state of Iowa to complete such an extensive water-quality project.

The water quality projects undertaken by the city of Donnellson was funded through a grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says Carlson.   Carlson adds that the city qualified for the DNR grant after the city applied for a state revolving loan to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant.

Brandstad says, “The vision and initiatives undertaken by the award recipients to benefit Iowa’s citizens both economically and environmentally are recognized and celebrated through these awards. They showcase the commitment being made to make Iowa a better state now and into the future.”

Iowa Environmental Excellence Award recipients include:

Overall Environmental Excellence Award:

Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority, Des Moines
Central Community Schools Global Science Class and the Central Green Team (Jacob Jansen, Tom Shirbroun, Blake Rochleau, Brandon Hach and Ben Whittle), Elkader
City of Monona
Weikert Iron and Metal Recycling, Muscatine
Pure Fishing, Spirit Lake
Price Creek Watershed Project, Iowa County Soil and Water Conservation District, Williamsburg
Walnut Creek Watershed Coalition, Windsor Heights
Special Recognition in Water Quality:

City of Clinton
City of Donnellson
Price Creek Watershed Project, Iowa County Soil and Water Conservation District, Williamsburg
Special Recognition in Waste Management:

Quaker Oats, Cedar Rapids
Dee Zee, Inc., Des Moines
Metro Waste Authority, Des Moines
Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency, Marion
Hy-Vee, Inc., West Des Moines
Special Recognition in Air Quality:

The Fighting Burrito, Ames
Special Recognition in Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy:

Alcoa, Inc. Davenport Works, Davenport
Des Moines Public Schools, Des Moines
Hedquist Productions, Inc. (Vastu Green Building Studio,  Prosper Companies),  Fairfield
Special Recognition in Habitat Restoration:

ITC Midwest, Cedar Rapids
City of Davenport Public Works
Plant.Grow.Fly. at Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines
Special Recognition in Environmental Education:

Water Rocks! Iowa State University, Ames
Walnut Creek Watershed Coalition, Windsor Heights

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