Population Data

Lee County boasts 34,925 residents however businesses and industry have access to over 266,475 in  potential regional labor force


One in four jobs in Lee County are in the manufacturing sector.

Our workforce is willing to commute an average of 23 miles one way for the right opportunity



How much are renters paying? 

$611 is the average market rent in Southeast Iowa 

There is no doubt that Southeast Iowa, and Lee County, is affordable for young professionals. Market rents are lower than what most people can afford on an average salary.

Southeast Iowa has low living costs that can attract a highly skilled and energetic population to the region.

This will assist businesses in attracting employees because there is an available affordable housing option for workers, also potentially attracting new businesses to the region. 

60% of all renters in Southeast Iowa are paying less than $1,000 a month for rent. 


Where do Southeast Iowa residents live?  


Training and Education

Over three-fourths (75.9%) of the employed residents in Lee County have some level of  education/training beyond high school.

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