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Workforce Data

By the Numbers: 

In addition to Iowa Workforce Development - the State of Iowa agency to assist placing workers - there are local private employment companies as well as training and placement from Southeast Iowa Community College to help recruit workers.  Lee County also borders the states of Missouri and Illinois, where many workers for our industries originate, in addition to attracting local workers

Estimated population 18-64: 77,171 (entire Laborshed area)

Manufacturing employs the most workers in Lee County with 20.4% of the workforce in the manufacturing sector in 2016. The chart below represents statistics from the 2016 Southeast Iowa LaborShed Analysis. 

Of the workers currently working in the manufacturing sector, 70% have training beyond high school. 

Workers currently commuting average of 12 miles to work, equating to 17 minutes, which is lower than the national average of 16 miles one-way, however residents are typically willing to commute 25 miles one-way for employment oppertunities. 

When looking for employment, Southeast Iowa has seen a substantial increase in the use of the internet. However local newspapers and IowaWorks Centers are still utilized a great deal. The below chart illustrates the trends in overall job search sources for Southeast Iowa. 

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